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R-Studio Recovery


Flat Recovery

  1. Boot R-Studio GUI

  2. Scan the Drive (Scan Enter)

  3. Save the Scan (on Backup Drive)

  4. Open Drive Files

  5. Mark All Files (check box)

  6. Press "Recover Marked" Button

  7. Select destination drive.

Create Image

  1. Select partition to back up

  2. Select "Create Image" button

  3. Browse to destination

  4. Select "byte to byte image"

  5. Name the file, Ok, Ok

Restore Image

  1. Click "Open Image" button

  2. Browse to image file

  3. Click "Open Drive Files"

  4. Select Files to Recover

  5. Click "Recover Marked"

  6. Browse to output folder

  7. Click OK




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