Box Admin Procedures




  2. UID:

  3. Pwd: S...68$


Mark a folder for sync

  1. Select a folder by clicking beside its name, or click the folder name to open the folder. The right hand sidebar should display information about the folder you've selected or opened.

  2. Click Details in the sidebar.

  3. Click the Sync to Desktop slider to mark this folder for sync. By default, this will mark all contained folders for sync as well. You can unmark specific subfolders within a synced folder, if you only want certain content to be synced.

  4. Note: Microsoft Edge does not display these folders, use Google Chrome instead.

Admin Guides

Admin Console

  1. Login to

  2. Click top left 3 line menu

Storage Used

  1. Click on Picture

  2. Select Account Settings

  3. Scroll to bottom.

You may follow the steps here to add a managed user to your account:

To edit a Managed User's settings:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Admin Console.
  2. In the left pane, click Users & Groups.
  3. Click Managed Users and locate the user you would like to edit and select Change User Settings from the drop-down menu. Here you can edit any of the information entered when initially creating the user, including:
    1. Name,
    2. Email,
    3. Storage Allocation,
    4. Shared Contacts,
    5. Groups, and Folder Access.
  4. Click Save

Box User

You may still invite her to be part of your account by following the steps here:

Managed User vs. External User

  1. A managed user is most often a user that has been created within your admin console
  2. An External User is a user who has a Box account, but the account was not created directly from within your own Box Admin Console.

Inviting user to share a file