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Is Your Wireless Network Safe?

More and more consumers are taking advantage of the falling prices of technology and the increase of features.  One of these technological advances is wireless networking.  This makes it possible to connect two or more computers to the internet as well as to each other with the added benefit of sharing files and printers.

One of the reasons for the popularity of wireless networks is that residential installations are rather difficult to wire as compared with the removable ceiling panels found in many commercial establishments.  Now wireless networks are proliferating in most neighborhoods and Bellaire, Texas is no exception.

However, this has not gone unnoticed to wireless crooks.  Since the range of wireless networks is up to 300 feet, it is possible to park outside a residence with a portable computer and tap into your wireless network.  If you have any shared files or directories, it is a simple matter for the wireless crook to copy them to his computer.

There is a way to make this difficult if not impossible for the wireless thief.  Wireless access points come with a variety of security options that can be enabled by the computer professional to secure your system.  The reality is that a good number of wireless installations are unsecured and therefore open to attacks. Make sure that your wireless network is secure! My insurance company had me sign a paper saying that I did not have any WEP encryption keys in use and that all were WPA or better.

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