The Internet is Down Again

The Internet is Down Again

Don't you just hate it when the internet goes down? And who's to blame, the router, modem, computer?

In the event that your Internet connection is down:

  • Click the retry button
  • Check your Wifi router to see if Wifi is on
  • Check your Modem to see if the connection is good
  • Enter the "CMD" prompt
  • Type "ipconfig"
  • Check to see if your computer has a valid "ip address"
  • Turn off modem, router, computer.
  • Power up from the wall toward the computer

If the connection is still down, call Primary Computer Service to diagnose and repair your network.


We Can Recover Your Lost Files

We Can Recover Your Lost Files

Have you ever worked for hours on a project on the computer and with a press of the wrong button, the file was gone? Primary Computer Service has a dedicated recovery computer that can recover files from most hard drives.

Files that can be recovered:

  • Deleted without recycle bin
  • Recycle bin emptied
  • Removed by virus
  • Removed by power failure
  • Lost by format or fdisk
  • Hard drive with bad sectors

Primary Computer Service can remove the hard drive from your computer and inspect it for files that can be recovered.

Don’t panic over lost data, call Primary Computer Service to retrieve your lost files.

How to Protect Your Computer During a Hurricane

How to protect your computer during a hurricane

  1. Back up your computer to removable media and take it with you.
  2. Shut down your electronics and remove the power cord.
  3. Unplug the ethernet cords to all connected devices because lightning surges can destroy network cards.
  4. Move computers on the floor to top of desk.
  5. Cover your computer with a plastic bag in case of window breakage.

What to do when you return

  1. Remove any plastic coverings you placed over your electronics.
  2. Check for water damage.
  3. Plug in cords to all devices.
  4. Turn on equipment starting with the peripheral devices and then computers last.
  5. Call Primary Computer Service for any recovery or water damage repair
Printer Fire

Ungrounded Outlets Disable Surge Protection

Ungrounded Outlets Disable Surge Protection

Did you know that an ungrounded electrical connection will disable the surge protection on your computer? As an electrical engineer, I am prepared to test your outlets to see if they are properly wired. Surges can cause damage to computers including loss of data.

Surges can be caused by:

  • Downed power lines
  • Lightning storms
  • Faulty wiring
  • Welder operation nearby

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can install and test high quality surge protectors that come with a $75,000 Lifetime Insurance policy

Don't get caught short, protect your equipment and your data.